Solid Core vs Perforated Core Gasket Materials – What Are the Features of Each?

Let’s say that you’ve decided to explore a composite gasket material solution for your application. (If you need a refresher on why you may make that decision, visit the blog post “Why Would I Use Composite Gasket Material When I Can Use MLS?”)

If you’re unfamiliar with the options and the materials used, composites can be very overwhelming. However, we’re here to help explain it as straightforwardly as possible. Basically, there are two main types of technologies used – perforated core (mechanically bonded) and solid core (chemically bonded).

Ok…so what’s what, and what are the features of each?

Perforated Core Gasket Material

Perforated core…otherwise known as mechanically bonded, mechanically clinched, or tang core. These materials are most commonly used for head gaskets, intake manifold gaskets, exhaust gaskets, and other high temperature and high pressure seal points. Below are a few features of the perforated core materials:

1. Mechanical bond requires no adhesive to deal with temperature effect.

2. Tanged core provides lateral strength for blowout resistance.

3. Tanged core provides vertical strength for load balance and torque retention.

4. Steel core perforations “grip” the facing, preventing slippage or distortion.

Solid Core Gasket Material

You may also refer to solid core materials as adhesively bonded materials. These materials are commonly used in fluid sealing applications as well as some head gaskets, intake manifold gaskets, cover gaskets, and other (lower temperature applications). Here are the features that you’ll see with solid core materials:

1. Metal core provides stiffness for ease of handling. Ease of assembly.

2. Lateral strength of laminate prevents crush and blowout of gasket and provides enhanced sealing properties. Gaskets can withstand higher pressures than non-reinforced fiber products.

3. Dimensional stability is protected. Gasket will not shrink or grow with moisture.

4. Gasket is more robust than plain fiber gaskets to survive both handling in assembly and performance in the joint.

A Material for Every Application

Between perforated core and solid core, you have a material to consider for almost every high temperature or high pressure application you come across. If you have any questions about which materials to consider for your specific project, don’t hesitate to ask your trusted gasket material supplier. You don’t need to know it all if you have a good resource for the information.

What other features do you like about these materials?

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